Hi, I’m Beth

An introverted, adventurous, coding geek …. who isn’t afraid (anymore) to say I build with WordPress!

12 years ago I was still working at a job I hated (urghhh auto engineering), doing things that bored me.  It was when the economy was booming and starting an online shop was not only cheap(ish) but the thing to do.

When I found out someone wanted to charge me 15K for a shopping site I immediately thought that I’d rather teach myself then pay someone I didn’t know to do it for me.

Somehow 10 years later I’m still doing it!

I’ve gone from building my own site, to building site for friends, to being scared to death at my first ‘coding’ job interview.. which I got!  To someone who loves creating websites that solve problems.

From a home office.

Where I get to play on the beach or in the mountains on a Wednesday afternoon just because.

Where my winters are being spent chasing the best snow for my snowboard.

No, it wasn’t easy.  I made so many mistakes, but ultimately I got to where I am now my learning.

Not just the non-stop learning that goes with web devleopment but learning how to pick, choose, and find the best customers/clients to work with.

I hope I can help you  to do the same!

Here’s to finding more High Value Clients!!