Repeat, repeat, repeat. Your high value mantra.

There is a well known psychological phenomenon that advertisers have been using to market to us for the past 100 years.  The thing is, we all know about this approach to sell to us but we really don’t have a lot of power to prevent it.   The Familiarity Effect   By simply being exposed […]

How to attract the perfect clients that just get it!

When working on your own business there are times you need outside help.  What is the first thing you do when you want to pay someone to provide services to your business? Do you ask people you know for recommendations then shoot off an email asking how much the service might cost? Do you Google […]

How to turn a lead into a high value customer

I’ve spent a lot of my self taught career learning. Some of it paid for (love online courses) some of it from failing spectacurily (hello sub-contract refusing to pay out 10K!!). What I have learned is that many many potential clients will complain about not having time or money – so build a website/copywrite/design/etc quick […]